Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Paws Up!

    I apologize in advance for the brevity and lateness of this post today, but that is actually related to why Two Paws Up in downtown Frederick is my new regular pet store.  Normally I like to take my time with things, but today I was in a huge hurry and wanted to just run into a store quickly to pick up a new cat toy and food dish for a new kitten that we will be getting soon.  My family has always had an unfortunate tendency to gravitate toward those big corporate pet stores or the grocery store for supplies, but the first thing I noticed about Two Paws Up is how much more convenient it is than any of those bigger stores.

     As soon as you walk through their brightly-colored door, you notice there are employees standing right there ready to help you at the counter.  I can't tell you how many times I've just needed to run into a big pet store to grab a quick bag of food and had to first wander around looking for someone to help me find it.  Those big stores have isles and isles of things that would never interest me and just cause me headaches as I get lost in them.  I was worried that the small size of the nineteenth-century building that houses the store would translate into a drastically smaller selection, and while it does stick to the basics, I found that they have Everything that I will ever need for my pets -- Plenty of cat and dog toys, bowls, beds, collars, leashes, food, treats, and all reasonably priced and conveniently located.  I just pulled right up in front of the store, asked for what I needed, bought a small yarn ball and silver dish, and was on my way to deal with the rest of my busy life.
     I could tell by just glancing around that there is a lot more to say about this funky little pet store than its convenience and great service.  I would like to go back one day and talk with the owner about the specifics of their most popular products and the guiding philosophy of the business.

Two Paws Up
15 South Carroll St.
Frederick, MD 21701

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