About Feature Frederick

The concept of this blog is pretty simple, but the content is interesting.  I'm a former full-time news reporter turned freelance features writer who loves the area where he grew up.  The City of Frederick, MD and the county bearing the same name sit on a unique liminal space between the busy Washington, DC metro region and the rural countrysides of Virginia, West Virginia, western Maryland and Pennsylvania.  This means that I can spend my morning hiking the Appalachian Trail near Harpers Ferry, WV and spend my evening taking in an opera at the Kennedy Center.

Many people who live around here can and do do the same sorts of things, but with my background in local media I have resources that will hopefully bring a little more to the table.  Though much of this blog will be formed by my own impressions of the places I visit and the things I do, I also plan to conduct interviews with some local movers and shakers.  For example, it seems that the entire East Coast is hatching schemes to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War which takes place over the next five years, so I hope to talk with the folks who are making things happen locally and then post those interviews here.  Depending on how confident I feel about my technical capabilities, I may even venture into adding audio and/or video clips to my posts.

If you know of anything in the area, from a great restaurant to your favorite park, that lies within 50 miles or so from Frederick County, MD and that you feel could deserve a free plug from me, by all means feel free to e-mail me at FeatureFrederick@Gmail.com.

Incidentally, because there is a lot of confusion about how this works, I will take the time to tell you that I do not accept any compensation from the people I review.  However, if I come to interview you at your house, I would not turn down a generous cup of tea if you were to offer it ;)