Monday, May 23, 2011

The Frederick Coffee Co.

     Perhaps the phrase "home away from home" is used too often to describe very relaxing restaurants and cafes, but I'm going to go ahead and contribute to the problem here because I can think of no better way of describing The Frederick Coffee Company & Cafe in downtown Frederick.  Not only do they have a good menu replete with comforts such as hot/cold drinks and sandwiches, they provide an overall pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.  In fact, sometimes it can honestly be more comfortable than home. 
     The first thing you will probably notice upon entering the downtown cafe is a wall covered in an ever-changing visual art display.  Sometimes I will see a photography exhibition from Latin America or crafted art such a modern paintings and sculpture.  I like that there is usually some mix of local and international art.  The pieces are usually for sale for reasonable prices, but certainly free to gaze upon as you sip your coffee and eat a bagel. 
     The space has plenty of regular table seating, but also some comfy arm chairs next to little end tables if you want a nice place to sit and read a book or use your laptop for a while.  They have free wireless internet so I've found it's a really nice place to get some work done.  I've never been one for sitting in a library at a desk under buzzing fluorescent lights for hours as I type away.  Last summer I think I must have written at least half of my M.A. thesis in the comfort of the Frederick Coffee Co., all the while alternating between hot chai and Italian soda and enjoying pleasant background music.
     If you come in with friends, you might want to take advantage of the board games.  Sometimes when I give out-of-town friends a walking tour of downtown Frederick, I'll take them in there for breaks.  We'll refuel on food and drinks while enjoying a round or two of Scrabble and then hop back to our feet to check out more of my favorite places.  It's especially nice when I happen to be on the east side of town for shopping or parking anyway because the next closest cafes are a few blocks away.
     The Coffee Co. also has a vibrant night life.  They have live music four nights a week, including an open-mic night every Tuesday to give new artists a shot at working the crowds.  I've seen some really talented groups come through there and I think I'm going to stop by sometime soon to look for a band to Feature on the blog.
     If you are ever trying to find me, the Coffee Co. is a great place to start looking.  I have been a loyal fan of the Coffee Co. for nearly twenty years now and I see no reason not to add a few more scores to that number. 

100 N. East St.
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 698-0039

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